Indian Sweets, You Must Try At Least Once in Your Lifetime

kulfi faloda

Indian sweets leave a special mark in the hearts of whoever tries them. These sweets are famous across the globe for their distinct taste and the vast variety of flavors which they have.

There are several types and kinds of mouth-watering sweets which are available in the market.

Just as the overall cuisine of India, the sweets here are diverse as well. The different regions of this country have a different variety to offer. If one likes to indulge in sweet bliss then it should be compulsory for him to try out these wonderful delights.

Let us discuss some of the wonders of the world of Indian sweets which everyone should at least try once.

1. Rasgulla- Hailing all the way from West Bengal, these are little white ball-shaped dumplings made up of Chhena and semolina dough which are drenched into the sugar syrup. These are the people’s favorite as one can’t just have a small bite of it, they have to pick up the dumpling and have the whole thing at once! The burst of the syrup in the mouth with the soft texture of the chhena is a celestial experience altogether.


2. Kaju Katli- One of the most exotic sweets one can find in the market is Kaju Katli. It is the people’s favorite. This sweet is made up of Cashew as the name suggests (Kaju). This is a dry sweet as the cashews are mixed with the condensed milk or thick milk and sugar. After it has settled down, a layer of edible silver is added to it which gives it a royal look.

3. Besan Ladoo- This is the most common yet the most amazing sweet which one can have. It is a perfect way to experience authentic Indian sweets, as these ladoos are the face of it. They consist of Besan/Gram flour and sugar. The mixture is then given a ball’s shape which has become the symbol of Indian sweets.

4. Mango Shrikhand-This one is a summer special sweets. The Mango shrikhand is loved by all ages and groups. The ingredients consist of mango pulp, hung curd, and sugar. It is a delight to have on a hot summer day. The heavenly sweet paste can be accompanied by Puri (Indian Bread) or it can be eaten by itself as well. One can order the Mango sweets online as well in order to celebrate summer to the fullest. There are several summer special sweets which one can order online as well.

5. Gulab Jamun- It is another milk solid based which is induced by the goodness of saffron. These dark brown balls of joy are dipped into the sugar syrup. The slight touch of saffron and rose water adds the perfect punch to the taste which enhances the overall experience.

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