Staying Healthy With Skinny Sweets

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Skinny Sweets may sound like an oxymoron, but it’s not if you know where to shop.
The internet is a fabulous place to discover healthy snacks like Skinny Sweets – candy “portioned for sweet moderation under 250 calories.”
Many parents love candy just as much as their kids, but they recognize that too much sugar can be too much of a “good” thing. The special line of Skinny Sweets offers the joy of candy, but with reduced amounts of sugar.

Candy Bars

One of the signature Skinny Sweets candies is their Candy Bars, each just 100 calories. They come in flavors like milk chocolate and caramel, dark chocolate and almond, dark chocolate, espresso dark chocolate, creamy milk chocolate, and Belgian dark chocolate with sea salt. Each bar is the perfect size to satisfy even the most avid chocolate lovers’ mid-day or late-night cravings. And, best of all, you can enjoy one guilt-free, because they’ll barely put a dent in your daily caloric intake.


If it’s candy you’re craving, Skinny Sweets offers some tasty treats.
Start with one that is familiar to many: the York Peppermint Patty. There’s nothing like the cool sensation of these chocolate and peppermint patties. It qualifies as a Skinny Sweet because it is just 140 calories and has 70 percent less fat than other chocolate candies.

Love honey? You’ll love Honey Lovers Candies. They come in 16 different flavors and are made with real honey, which is high in vitamin C. How about that: a candy with vitamins. They come in a 38-ounce jar with all 17 varieties: Peaches ‘n Honey, Peaches ‘n Honey, Honey Raspberry, Honey Coconut, Golden Honey, Wild Blueberry Honey, Honey Dipped Strawberry, Orchard Pear ‘n Honey, Honey Mocha Toffee, Honey Vanilla, Huckleberry Honey, Tangy Orange Honey, Buttered Honey Popcorn, Cinnamon Honey, Meyer Lemon Honey, Pomegranate Honey, and Black Cherry Honey.

Craving a Gummy Bear? How about some tasty, sugar-free Gummy Bears? You get all the sweet fruit flavor, but with none of the sugar. While some sugar-free candies leave an after-taste, this one does not.


Do you prefer to chew your sweets? Then the Skinny Sweets gum may be what you’re looking for.
Sugar-free gumballs, which come with a host of fruity flavors, contain about third fewer calories than other gums. Pop a couple of gumballs in your mouth and you will get a flavorful chew – and you can blow some bubbles while you’re at it.
Skinny Sweets chewing gum is another great sugar craving solution. It comes in a tin with chicklet-style gum in mint, cinnamon, orange citrus, and fruit mix flavors.

Pick your Packaging

Each of these candies, gumballs, York Peppermint Patty, Honey Lovers Candies, and Gummy Bears, can arrive in one of four fun packages: a paint can, a lunch box, a penny candy jar, and a mini bin.
· Just pop the top of the clear paint can to get your sweet reward. The paint can measure 3.6 inches by 4 inches.
· A colorful, striped lunch box (in pink or turquoise) measures 5¾ inches by 4 inches. Imagine opening your lunch box to find it full of Gummy Bears!
· The penny candy jar is modeled on those vintage glass candy jars, tipped at an angle for easy access to your favorite sweet. It measures 3¼ inches long by 4 inches high.
· The mini bin is a miniature version of the bin used in the candy store. It even has a pint-sized scoop to scoop out your favorite treat. The bin measures 3½ inches long by 3 inches high by 4½ inches wide.


If you need to maintain a gluten-free diet, then Skinny Sweets will make you very happy. It carries a line of gluten-free cookies in flavors like double chocolate chip, snickers doodles, and gingersnaps.


Like your candy-flavored by nuts? Or do you like your nuts, sweetened by candy? Either way, you will love the Skinny Sweets nuts.
· Bobby Sue’s Original Nuts are a great mixture of “savory, but not too sweet.” The nuts are coated with a sugar-spice blend that will leave you craving more. They come in a cute glass jar. You can enjoy them straight out of the jar or use them in a salad, on your ice cream or add them to your breakfast parfait. A portion of each sale will be used to help a homeless animal.
· For a variation of the original nuts, try Bobby Sue’s Chocolate Covered Nuts. It is a mixture of organic nuts, coated with a blend of sugar and spice – and then run under a rain shower of chocolate.
Love your sweets? Relax and know that Skinny Sweets are looking to give you your sweets and help you stay healthy, too.

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